The Environmental Committee is spearheaded by the able and enthusiastic Lina Bureau, pictured on left.


Lina is a full-time resident of La Cruz, having moved here in 2008 from Quebec, where she owned a large linen manufacturing company that imported linen from the world over (think Pakistan, Italy, Portugal) and had bed and table linens manufactured in Quebec. Selling to Costco and other large companies had its physical and emotional toll, so she sold out and moved to Mexico.  She still has a home in Quebec, and travels there for a few weeks each summer to check on her house, and of course visit her parents, other family and friends.


Lina is assisted by the committe, and Pedro and Cesar (pictured below), the part-time Amigos workers who maintain the highway, pick up recycling, and clean the Amigos garbage bins.


Chair: Lina Bureau


STREET CLEANING – The Amigos has a long term street cleaning program that employs local residents to do a daily street trash pick-up in the village center.  We encourage all residents to participate in maintaining clean streets in their neighborhoods.


STREET MAINTENANCE & BEAUTIFICATION – Beyond the issue of litter, trash pick-up and disposal “habits” are an ongoing issue as insufficient containers coupled with a confusing trash pick-up schedule result in the accumulation of piles of garbage made worse by energetic, plastic tearing dogs.  Education and neighborhood solutions such as informational signage are needed.


RECYCLING – Providing the production, labeling/signage and distribution of recycling bins throughout town, monitoring the location and maintenance of these bins and acting to maintain a sufficient number of drop off points in town are all part of this project.


ADOPT A HIGHWAY – In ongoing efforts to maintain a cleaner pueblo the Amigos de La Cruz “adopted a section of the highway from OXXO to the bridge.Through the support of the municipality and employing local residents, the laterals and median receive regular maintenance and present a cheerful welcome to all.


GARBAGE CANS – An independent annex to the Street Cleaning & Beautification, is the procurement, labeling/signage and distribution of garbage cans (tambos) throughout town, monitoring the location and maintenance of these bins and acting to maintain a sufficient number in town.


ARROYO, HIGHWAY & BEACH CLEAN UPS Coordinating with local schools and La Cruz’ Delagado to conduct clean-ups of the local arroyos, culverts and beaches, this is ongoing and in need of people who love working with kids and come naturally to organizing people and projects.



Summer 2015

Polo, the La Cruz delegado (mayor) with Pedro and Cesar, and the men from B Nayar and Vallarta Gardens.  The municipality gave Amigos over 100 bougainvillea for planting - all planted in two days with summer rains following for a good watering.  Thank you to Jesus Carmona, Vallarta Gardens manager, for releasing his gardeners to Amigos for two days, and for contacting B Nayar to release their gardeners to Amigos. Bravo! It was a successful group effort.