Medical Assistance - History


In 2001, The Friendship Club of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle was founded after a local resident Kathleen Dobek heard the story of a young girl in need of hearing aids and other resources that could have a positive impact on the quality of her life.


Kathleen spoke with Philo Hayward of Philo's Bar in La Cruz, who organized several benefit events.  The benefits, along with the help of a generous donor, made the purchase of hearing aids possible.


Kathleen and Philo were so elated with the results of their effort that they made the decision to form The Friendship Club of La Cruz, assisting children and adults to meet their health care needs.


Over the years, the Friendship Club has been absorbed into Amigos de La Cruz and is now known as the Amigos Medical Assistance Program.  The program continues to provide financial support to the medically underserved in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.


We have children for whom we purchase medications and supplies on a monthly basis.  We also respond to urgent needs as they arise. We are proud of our role in supporting our friends and neighbors in La Cruz.

-Lori Wilson 


Kathleen retired from the program in 2010 and turned the reins over to Lori Wilson who carried on the good work of raising funds and providing financial support. To this day the program has children and adults for whom they purchase medications and supplies on a monthly basis. The program also purchases bus tickets when speciality treatment is needed in Tepic, Guadalajara and/or Mexico City. 


November -  Elementary Students teeth checked


January - Dental Clinic, LDS Dental Societ


May - Altruism Festival at Marriott Hotel


Year Long - Medical assistance given, on an as-needed basis.  Consultations with Dr Ipina.


MEDICAL CHAIR - Cynthia Del Pino

Co-Chair                Carmen Tapia



Current Medical Needs - Jan 2017

Amigos could use contributions to provide the following costs for the dental program: $ 3,450 USD

Dr Alex to screen the children's teeth - we pay him 50 pesos per child.
Screen about 200 children
$10,000 pesos - at today's cost $500 USD (20 pesos to 1 USD)

THANK YOU DINNER Take dentists (20-25 in their group) out to dinner one night, along with volunteers (20) + Dr Alex (dental), Dr Ipnia (medical), Polo (delegado), principals of the Elementary School (Primaria) + their spouses.
Mon, Jan 23 Variety Show & Dinner at Octopus's Garden.  This is a Medical Fundraiser- last year cost was $16,000 pesos ( $800 USD)

Then we do have need for paying for special needs:
1 child (Mirsa) needs to go to dental specialist in PV - estimate expense at $500 USD - paid by anonymous donor
1 child has cleft palate - needs surgery - estimate expense at $1,000 USD - paid by anonymous donor
1 child has ankyloglosia (tongue tied) - repair in PV - estimate expense at $100 USD - paid by anonymous donor
1 child is blind - books in Braille - estimate expense at $200 USD
2-3 children need retainers - estimate expense at $200 USD
2 students at Secundaria need eyes checked and get glasses - take to optometrist - estimate expense at $150 USD