Dental Clinic - elementary children

If you'd like to Volunteer in 2018, please contact Shirley McGrath


This year Nov 2017- Jan 2018     Screen children's teeth.

Dentists, Hygienists and other Staff from Boise, Idaho; Central, Arizona and Portland, Oregon volunteered to hold a free dental clinic for the elementary children of La Cruz at the the new Kids Club

 1.  Nov - Screen all the children with completed parent permission forms

 2.  Jan 19 - Jan 26 - those children needing treatment will be seen by the dentists and hygienists at the Kids Club


Need volunteers to accompany students to/from school

Collect any stray permission slips

Post appts at the entrance of the school 2 days in advance to inform parents


Bring lunches and refreshments to the dentists and their staff (Thank you  Kent & Sandi Nelson, Richard at Tescalma Restaurant, Sylvia Harder and Rick & Linda Byam for bringing lunches at last year's clinic!)



Note from Dr Croft - Feb 2, 2017:

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your help in the dental clinic at La Cruz!  You all did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with you!  On the way home and in the last few days I have reflected on the patients that we met and treated.  I have made 13 trips to the PV area and have had the opportunity to treat many children!  I know I have been able to do work ( as others have) that has relieved immediate pain and prevented future dental pain as well as preserved permanent teeth for years to come. 


This trip had a special patient to me.  You probably had ones of your own.  Emma was brought to us with the other children from the school.  As she was introduced to me they mentioned that she was blind, which was quite obvious as I looked at her!  Inside I thought, " Oh my gosh how terrifying it must be for her to suddenly be taken to a dentist that is a foreigner when she had never been to a dentist before!"  I wondered if she would be able to handle such an experience.  She let me look in her mouth and I could see a badly decayed lower left 2nd primary molar (#K) and also a #T on the other side that had a large cavity in it.  I knew that within a year she would have a severe tooth ache if nothing was done.  I decided to fill these lower primary molars and hoped she would be able to go through with the treatment.  With Brian Kuehne speaking to her in Spanish and Ann and Sylvia gently stroking her arm and holding her delicate little hands,  I was able to give her anesthetic and with time, do her fillings.  As I worked on her she gave a soft whimpering sound but didn't seem to be in pain, so I continued to work until we were done!  I couldn't help but feel our Heavenly Father's and Savior Jesus Christ's love for her.  I knew that they would not want this delicate little child to suffer pain with her teeth!  I felt she was one of the reasons that I was in La Cruz doing dental work.  I was supposed to be there!  It was humbling to think that I may have been an instrument in God's hand!  I am sure that you may have had similar thoughts about some of the children that you served!


I hope this note finds you well and enjoying life.  Glade and Carolyn Smith are especially in our prayers as they serve for nine weeks in Tonga.






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