Amigos de La Cruz Programs

These are the programs that we currently coordinate and/or support:


STREET CLEANING – The Amigos has a long term street cleaning program that employs local residents to do a daily street trash pick-up in the village center.  We encourage all residents to participate in maintaining clean streets in their neighborhoods. Lina Bureau


STREET MAINTENANCE & BEAUTIFICATION – Beyond the issue of litter, trash pick-up and disposal “habits” are an ongoing issue as insufficient containers coupled with a confusing trash pick-up schedule result in the accumulation of piles of garbage made worse by energetic, plastic tearing dogs.  Education and neighborhood solutions such as informational signage are needed.  Lina Bureau


RECYCLING – Providing the production, labeling/signage and distribution of recycling bins throughout town, monitoring the location and maintenance of these bins and acting to maintain a sufficient number of drop off points in town are all part of this project.  Lina Bureau


GARBAGE CANS – An independent annex to the Street Cleaning & Beautification, is the procurement, labeling/signage and distribution of garbage cans (tambos) throughout town, monitoring the location and maintenance of these bins and acting to maintain a sufficient number in town.  Lina Bureau


ARROYO, HIGHWAY & BEACH CLEAN UPS – Coordinating with local schools and La Cruz’ Delagado to conduct clean-ups of the local arroyos, culverts and beaches, this is ongoing and in need of people who love working with kids and come naturally to organizing people and projects.  Lina Bureau


SUPPORT FOR SCHOOLS –  Soliciting incoming residents and visitors for contributions and donations to the Kids Club.  Carmen works with students below grade level in grades 1-2 and 3.  At no cost, she has a Kids Club filled with library books, where children and adults may read. Carmen Tapia


FREE DENTAL CARE FOR PRIMARY CHILDREN - All students in the primary school are screened in November and provided free dental care in January. This program is co-sponsored by the Society of LDS Dentists.  Amy Welch


SUMMER SCHOOL - Providing a 3-week summer school for children 6 to 14, focusing on art, dance, swimming, and music. 

Mayra Franco


COMMUNICATIONS – Summarizing and reporting on all of the above and sharing news and information about La Cruz and the activities of Amigos de La Cruz using the Amigos de La Cruz website and through various other media.  Also, providing all promotional and informational media, brochures, signs, cards, etc. for group events.  Amy Welch Amigos website and blog