As of June 29, 2020 - families begin registering to receive despensas (weekly food boxes) - 149.90 pesos each from La Comer

Pictures of registration and distribution on Facebook page - Amigos La Cruz

Distribution began Friday, July 3 and depending on need and funds, we hope to continue through mid-September.

July 3   - 339 despensas           Aug 7  - 400               

July 10 - 350                             Aug 14 - 380         

July 17 - 350                             Aug 21 - 375

July 24 - 400                             Aug 28 - 377

July 31 - 375                             Sept 4 - 379    Sept 11 - 360


Any future funds collected for Food, with the donor's permission, will go to healthy snacks for children at the Kids Club.     






Credit Card or Check:

For USA tax donation:           Banderas Bay Charities, Inc

For Canadian tax donation:  Canadian Children's Shelter of Hope Foundation

For Mexican tax donation:    Amigos bank account at Scotiabank - contact Amy Welch for more information

     Our accountant TeranRojas will send you a donation tax receipt.    +1 503 516 4757  +1 503 285 4007 WhatsApp+Messenger



Kids Club, 5 Coral, by glorieta esquina Langosta

-Each day has 2 main “activities” (Monday thru Thursday).
Fridays will be library, reading time, study hall, computer lab or textbook/classwork support

-Follow SEP curriculum (TV) guide and aprendizajes esperados for activity 1

-(activity 1) Daily focus on one theme or “asignatura,” expand and develop activities and projects for grade appropriate skills.

-(activity 2) Textbook work and support follows a different asignatura from activity 1 each day.

-each group will have at least one “special” class or activity each week that will be substituted for textbook support (English, dance, art, science, geography, community/civics, health, music, etc.).

Bilingual Teachers:
John Whitten, La Cruz resident and former teacher/administrator at Costa Verde and the American School.  Masters degree in Teaching
Abraham Galeana, certified TOEFL instructor (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

Lilly Alcantara, university degree in social anthropology.  Remedial teacher, dance, nutrition and music.
Fiona Foster Franco and Allegra Rubboli, assistants, high school completion at the Regional Prepa in Puerto Vallarta

Grades 1, 2, 3 mornings
   9:00-  9:30  Icebreaker/warm up
   9:30-10:30  Program /Activity
10:30-10:45   Break/Snack
10:45-11:20   Textbook support or “special classes”
11:20-11:30   Clean up

Grades 4, 5, 6 afternoons
12:30-1:00    Icebreaker/warm up
  1:00-2:00     Program /Activity
   2:00- 2:15   Break/ Snack
   2:15-2:50    Textbook support or “special classes”
   2:50-3:00     Clean up 






2020 Dental Clinic Results

Thank you to the Academy of LDS Dentists: DDS Gordon Croft, Don Cook and Dean Stuart.  Plus DDS Mario Luna (La Penita) and DDS Andrea Muro (Guadalajara).  Thank you also to DDS Adrian Malja, Lupita Ortega and Adriana (Bucerias).

270 children seen in 350 appointments.  12 children will need special care with a pediatric dentist in Puerto Vallarta.

Pictures on Amigos Facebook page.

Jan 2021, Dentists cancelled due to Coronavirus; program will resume Jan 2022.

2021:  We will work with the 12 children in need of special care from the 2020 cohort


2020 Jan 26-Feb 2, Sun-Sun, ON THE ROAD AGAIN III

La Cruz to Chapala, Patzcuaro, Butterflies, Tequila - with points in between

24 Guests with Guide Jaime Balderas and Driver Chuy

Pictures on Amigos Facebook page.

2021, cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Next trip:  10 days, beg. Sun, Mar 6, 2022, Copper Canyon


2020 Feb 12 DIG DEEP FOR KIDS @Moss home, 5:30-9 PM

What a great success - thanks.

$6,000 USD + matching from BBC

Money split between Dental, Kids Club/Summer School, Eyeglasses, and Recycling/Landscaping


Formed December 2014, Amigos de La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, A.C. is an Asociación Civil (Mexican government recognized non-profit corporation) made up of volunteers working together in harmony to address the continuing needs of our community. 


July 2015, Amigos received Donatario status which allows Amigos to give Mexican tax donation credit.  Under the Mexican tax code, only the following activities are deductible contributions:  Relief, Education, Scientific, Cultural, Ecological, Research and Preservation of flora and fauna, Pollution control, Educational scholarships, Social development, Schools, and Public Service works.


Amigos is able to give USA tax donation credits through Banderas Bay Charities, Inc.

Amigos is able to give Canadian tax donation credit.

Contact treasurer Amy Welch for more information:   503 285 4007 (Portland, Oregon)


To contribute to the quality of life in the community of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle through cultural, educational, environmental and charitable assistance programs.


– Increase educational and cultural opportunities
– Facilitate improvements in health and safety
– Support a sustainable environment
– Maintain a collaborative relationship with local officials and citizen groups

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