6 Ways to Donate to AMIGOS

1.  Cash - no Mexican, Canadian or US tax credit:  we will give you a receipt, and deposit funds into our Scotiabank or Intercam account.  

2.  Mexican Tax Credit - Donatario Status:  give us a copy of your RFC, and we can offer you a Mexican tax credit.

3.  US Tax Credit:  Cash, US checks, Auto BillPay, or Wires are OK.  Checks made payable to BBC, Inc (Banderas Bay Charities, Inc), a USA 501(c)(3).

Memo section write AMIGOS.

4.  Stock Transfer:  BBC Inc, has a TD Ameritrade account to accept stock transfers. TD Ameritrade does not allow us to post the account information, ask Amy Welch.

5.  Revenue Canada Tax Credit:  contact Amy Welch for more information.  Credit Cards accepted.

6.  Credit Cards for US tax credit:  credit cards are accepted online through PayPal and US Bank through the BBC Inc. secure website or contact Amy Welch for more information.  

Contact Us

Amy Welch
505 N Tomahawk Is. Dr.
Portland, OR 97217
Phone: 503-516-4757