Amigos de La Cruz Programs

These are the programs that we currently coordinate and/or support:


SUPPORT FOR SCHOOLS – Teachers work with students to improve their reading and writing through art, music, dance and sport.  John Whitten


FREE DENTAL CARE FOR PRIMARY CHILDREN - All students in the primary school are screened in early January and provided free dental care later in the month. This program is co-sponsored by the Society of LDS Dentists.  Amy Welch


SUMMER SCHOOL - Providing a 2 to 3-week summer school for children 6 to 14, focusing on art, dance, pickleball/tennis, swimming and music. 

John Whitten


COMMUNICATIONS – Summarizing and reporting on all of the above and sharing news and information about La Cruz and the activities of Amigos de La Cruz using the Amigos de La Cruz website and through various other media.  Also, providing all promotional and informational media, brochures, signs, cards, etc. for group events.  Amy Welch


TENNIS - Joan Gil works with students, coaches and tournaments for those students interested in Tennis.  Joan Gil


SWIM TEAM - John Whitten teaches swimming and enters students into tournaments.