Langosta 27
Langosta 27

Kids Club

Carmen's library and reading/writing program had to leave the primaria (elementary school, grades 1-6) because the room was needed for an additional 6th grade classroom school year 2017-18.  The primaria was unable to fundraise for an additional classroom to house Carmen's program.


And to the rescue came a local family who donated their remodeled, never occupied building.  This space at Coral 5 worked out great, but now that building is for sale.


Banderas Bay Charities, Inc purchased a building for Amigos' Kids Club in July 2022.  Over time, this building will be remodeled to add a second story and clean up the former restaurant space to accommodate programs for children and families of La Cruz.



Langosta 27



To teach children who are behind in Spanish reading and writing, to be on grade level by gr 3.

To open a library for children in the village.

To teach English to adults and children.

To give children a space to play games and work creatively.

To offer a safe, caring space for children.



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John Whitten  WhatsApp +52 322 111 9419